Final Episode 7

After that..
Their police van came… I was dragged inside…. then to their zone…
***Fast Forward***

I was released later with the help of the policeman in my compound, but not without paying them and the policeman in my compound(with part of the money am to give Pizzaro)…

It was when I was with them at their zone I learnt my lessons(just like when Adam and Eve where sent out of the garden of Eden)….


What are the lessons I learnt????
(question for you)


Episode 6

I noticed everywhere was silent, some of the traders along the bridge road have closed. I saw the man selling and repairing wrist-watch and wall-clocks***at the edge of the bridge***, quickly packing his Clocks outside.. I then tried to ask the man not looking at me what is happening, so I would know if I’ll pass Sadiku street at the back of the bridge….

Me:– Dádì e-króòlé, ejòó sé kòsí tíbí dá bàí(Daddy good evening, please I hope there is nothing for this place to be quiet like this)???…

Man:– Mtcheew… Wòó mà wábíkan sá sí, jékí àwon omo òsì yen ríe kóo tó mo nkan tólè se.(Look don’t find a place to hide, let the stupid boys see you before you know what they are capable of doing)!!!!..

Even though he didn’t answer my question straight forward, I can still understand what he’s trying to say because once in a while/ every year , cult groups always hunt for another**for only God knows** which will last for like a week and will cause loss of lives…
They can hurt anybody they see/meet if they had missed a target, but wouldn’t if they met/meet their target….
I quickly retreat my legs, not to the bridge but going beside the bridge to Sadiku street which a new Diamond and old Eco Bank is there, because I don’t want to pass  Akanro street I was heading to anymore…

I was going under the bridge heading to Sadiku when I felt somebody grabbed my blue Jean from behind…

I quickly turned **a little bit scared**… To discover two policemen behind me…
I was thinking when and how did they get there that I didn’t see them when I was passing and probably would have go back to meet the Clock-man..

I then started saying

Me:– What did I ….. I didn’t finish saying it before a hot thunderous slap landed on my right cheek. ***I’m sure the police man who slapped me was using left*** 
I quickly asked but this time with pegin-english

Me:– Whatin I do na?!?!

One of them dropped his call, while the other was staring at my round neck shirt’s arm…

Instantly, I remembered my caring mother telling me not to wear the shirt anymore because it has a devilish smiling half moon not longer than my shortest finger, painted in white there…..


Final Episode coming up next...



As I was heading up through the staircase I saw the man coming down… I quickly walked fast to meet and give him. When I got to where he was, he said
Man:– Its you I wanted to look for self because I need the pen urgently where am coming from now…

Me:– Thank you very much sir… I really appreciate it sir

He didn’t reply, but looking at me somehow…

But as I turned leaving… He said… Come son.

Then I turned and answered him.

Man:- As you're going home now, don't pass the way you passed when coming to this bank, don't even step on the place you passed, i mean pass another way even though if its the longest journey and don't enter any vehicle till you get home...

***I don’t always enter any vehicle before, either when going or coming to the bank before self(for reason best known by me)****
I then replied without thinking twice…

Me:– Ok sir…. I’ll do that sir….. Thank you once again sir…
It was when I was out of the bank that I realized I’m left to pass a very long journey without anything taking me faster to my destination….

Well… I’ll obey the man. Then I started the journey to Iyana-Isolo bridge…
I got to the bridge then I was looking at Ilasa bridge down the express road..
**Just like when Eve was looking at the good & the bad fruit, and started thinking what the fruit might do for her**
I started thinking “Wait oo.. Is it not that this man wants to punish me probably because of the pen I gave to him late???…”

Then I made up my mind to walk down to Ilasa**instead of going from there to Layi-oyekanmi then walking down like a mad man till I’ll reach Kekere-owo*** from there.
At-least I’ve obeyed him by passing this way till I got here Iyana-Isolo and I wunt enter any vehicle till I get home…

Moreover, I don’t want to be like onihaxy who will be told everything every time…

So I started walking to Ilasa without crossing over the bridge but straight to Ilasa..

I got to hassan b/stop, climbed the bridge crossing to the other side, I started coming down from the bridge when I noticed something unusual.




I filled the small slip **forgot to return the man’s pen**..

I went to the line where I would pay-in(deposit). I saw only three(3) people there, two small boys which I’m sure their secondary school students and a short black lady…
  I noticed the black fat lady using style, stealing gaze at me.

***I really don’t know why she’s looking at me or is she expecting me to approach her??…..No No No, silly thoughts off….. Well maybe its because am taller than her or I look like someone she knows…

I ignored her without even smiling  because I don’t like fat ladies and I can manage a black/chocolate lady..

To avoid much thinking, I brought out my phone, unlocked it, pressed menu, swiped to the left twice, clicked on the Note, I scrolled down to where I saved the days we always do shows on Whatsapp group, clicked on it, then *** 

Finally it got to my turn after doing some things on my phone, by that time two people are at my back.
I gave the fair slim casher lady +hiding behind much make-ups  especially too much lipsticks on her long/big lips+ the slip filled with the depositors name, account number, and others on it. She collected it with the 19,800 naira, but before that I’ve already saved the 90naira into my pocket….

After some minutes the cashier said with an angelic voice I think I fell for …

Cashier:– I’m very sorry sir, but the owners account….*looked down*ehnmmmmm…..Mr Pizzaro….. is too full which cannot take in anything higher than 100naira to his account.

I thanked her happily collecting money**Not because of the money only but also the voice behind the face****…..I went to take another slip… Filled it….payed it into my account…

As I was about pressing the button at the door, I saw a security with Pen  on his hand teaching someone how to fill it. That was when I remembered the pen with me also… I looked everywhere in search with my eyes, but I couldn’t find the man. I take a few walk around there but still yet I can’t  see the man…
**Mood now changing***

I was thinking it wouldn’t be good if I take the man’s pen home, then I  decided to go and check the man  upstairs and if I still can’t find him, I will have to  give the security man(who knows how many pen they’ve collected in such situation like that, but they can never borrow you their own {or lemme say other peoples own} when you’re in need of it)…..
As I was heading up through the staircase………..guess who I saw???



Later when its getting late they only allowed people go out but not to come in… Those who are feeling cold in there as a result of the AC when they first came are now adapted to it..

It got to my turn and I noticed a pregnant lady was sitting on the only single chair. I don’t know when it will get to her turn with her condition, so I called her to go in which she thanked me with smile on her face.
Although some people are complaining, some are saying I wouldn’t enter until when it would get to her turn…(Some even said they’ve been there since 8, 9 o’clock)….

I told them
cool down now, it would get to your turn. Can’t you see her condition and she’s still staying in this cold with us….

Many of them understood especially the ladies/women there, but a strong Igbo guy was still insisting he wouldn’t allow me go inside after her.. A man simply asked him

Man:— If the lady is your wife, will you allow her  to stay in here with her condition??…

The guy:– hehnnn….I wunt allow her to…..

The man said cutting him
The man:- so you wouldn’t allow her in or you wunt allow her do her do the BVN?

Then the guy kept quiet and that was how it died down….

***To be sincere, I only allowed her in because of her condition and imagining my future wife in her position***

I did it then dashed out to my house situated in Ilasa(Ilasa-maja) at exactly 6:16pm then I got home at around 7:00pm with my legs and body paining me….*****************


I quickly withdrew my legs that are  going to the queue so to avoid standing and I simply don’t want to be stay long there(even though I didn’t know why the place is crowded), then I  head to another bank to pay-in into @Pizzaro’s account….

Luckily, I got there then breathed out saying
“Thank-God  nobody is at the entrance”.
I clicked the button, then it starts opening, I stretched my leg in at the same time removing my phone, then did the way I always do(I always do that so I wouldn’t be rejected by the machine).

As I got in, it is not  crowdy. I walked to a man I’ll call security with the slips. I quickly picked one, borrowed a pen from a fair  old man  clad with a cream shirt tucked into a black moderate trouser because I’m not with a pen.




I thanked the black average height man who I can say has no single hair on his head then I head straight to the door frowningly because of what I went through before I entered and thinking how I would get there by two. I pressed the button but it didn’t work.

I then pressed it again this time around with great force that I think can push the button in without coming out again before the door finally opened.
I dashed inside, wait for like a year before it starts closing and opening at my front…

As I got out of the small cell there, I saw new faces staring at me and some just going to the queue. A part of me told me within some seconds to tell them, while the other is telling me to leave them to face theirs also…
I then made up my mind and I said

What kind of rubbish is this, why will they not have the form for BVN now…..mtcheew!!!!

Then I went out not minding what the wise among them will do..

I came back around two O’Clock, the population is now small inside but I was told to come back tomorrow and resume with the staffs of the Bank by 8:00am…
But I replied

Me:– Me?!? Come again?!? No oo!! I’ll wait till I get it done, even if its to sleep here I’ll defiantly do that.. Moreover I can’t come from Ilasa to Isolo in the morning by 8am when its not my work I’m going ti, or will I be paid here with the staffs??
I’ll wait here till the form is back from where it went to…

Many people are coming in which are told the same thing, many of them went saying they’ll come very early in the morning while few would wait for some minutes before they head out.
I was thinking where I stood resting on the security’s desk that as all of them are leaving saying they’ll come very early tomorrow…. Hmmmm..they’ll just meet many people at the entrance who wants to do the same thing they want to do and it would be very crowdy even many than what I saw in the morning because tomorrow is the deadline 30th June 2015 and the
Bank will close by 3:00pm to do their monthly stuff(calculations and so)….hmmmmmm…

I stood there for like 40minutes before another guy(like security) removed a form from somewhere behind the desk, then he gave it to a guy then quickly go. That made me asked the guy there that
“hahn-hahn! You know where the form was, why didn’t you give it to me.
He replied

Guy:– He removed it where he kept it and gave to the guy.. Quickly go and collect it from the guy before he starts filling it and go up to do a copy for yourself from it..

I didn’t allow him to finish before I walked very fast to the boy then I noticed some people walking fast also to the guy behind me..

As I was walking fast to the boy I was saying under my breath

“So we’ll be buying form now with our money just to do the BVN.I don’t know what it will cause them to do the photocopy of the form themselves then give it to us to use…Na wah-00

I got to where the guy was standing, he was looking for where he would place the form on and start writing.

I then asked with pegin-english I was avoiding to speak there..

Me:– Guy abeg, borrow me your form make I run do photocopy upstairs…

Then i noticed the guy was looking at me and thinking if he should give me or not because he wouldn’t want to risk giving me because he don’t know if I could be trusted or I’ll do a silly thing.

I then said

Me:– Ok then. you can hold it so we’ll go together and do it, or what do you think? then others at my back all said YES!! as if they’ve plan on saying it….

The guy finally accepted, then we all went up together. We were already up when we heard the a security saying.

Guy:– BVN form-BVN form!!!!

I saw about 5 forms with him and we were about 11 who do not have.

Nobody told me before I carefully rushed down holding what’s always beside staircase, then I found myself luckily collecting the 3rd form from the security guy….

After that, I filled it went to where I’m to queue with only one lady attending to us and we are about 18 there and people keep coming in.
Now the forms are available…. The room is getting crowdy, some old people are asking questions on what to write next..The guys keep gisting,making friends,saying funny things,talking about army,airforce and others while the ladies, women,men doing Thiers till it will get to each one of us turn…

It got to the stage that some of us sat on the floor for some hours because the person attending to us was very slow which I can bet a snail is faster than her in competition…



Episode 1

After changing/converting the 100dollars with me to Naira which is 19,890 Naira. I went straight to the bank to deposit the money into Pizzaro’s account…

The first bank I went to…hmmmm…if you see the people I met outside on the queue who wants to enter the bank, you yourself will not expect someone to tell you before start going to another, you would even be the one telling others going there not to go coz you will be thinking that “I haven’t entered, the queue is like that, what if you enter what will I face?”….That made me remember when I went to do my BVN. ***************
Outside the bank, I saw about 20 people who I guess they want to do what I want to do also. I wait there till it would reach my turn, meanwhile as I was on the queue outside I can also see some people coming out frowning their face. I didn’t care coz I know its normal, people will come out but I didn’t think about the frowning coz I think its not common to see people coming out of a bank smiling, maybe they don’t want to be attacked.
I saw them coming, I ignored them focusing on the door (i don’t know what they call it or I’ve forgotten) and how I would get inside to avoid the heat and suffocation outside coz I know when I get inside my sweat will disappear and I will be cool.

Finally it got to my turn but I can see a woman stepping into the said door from the inside, so I wait for some seconds for it to open. I didn’t allow the fair sexy woman,I’m taller than her, I would say she’s at the range of 32- to atmost 40 to come out before I stretched one of my long leg in and bringing out my phone from my pocket. On bringing the other leg she’s already out. My hand is still stretched out wit my phone out there which many people are looking at it.

Then the said door is finally closing which I quickly retract my hand, then turned to the other side sighting many people I would call the Israelite because of the population inside was something else. The door opened, then I stepped out which immediately a guy frowning hit my body, rushing to enter the door before it will close. Well I don’t blame him…

I then head to a guy close to me then I asked him.

Me:> Sorry please, where can I get the form of the BVN??
But he didn’t allow me to finish before he said.

Guy:- Guy the idiots say the form don finish oo!!

I was not surprise to hear it.
I thanked the black, same height, unshaved bear guy then head to meet a man putting on something I would call a security mans wear(cloth).
I greeted him and asked

Me:– `Sorry Sir, please where can I get the form for the BVN and where I’ll submit it after filling??`

The man replied looking at the bonnet and booth of a lady and talking in a voice I would classify him as an Igbo man.

Man:– Sorry, the form is finished already…

Immediately I asked him

Me:– Ok, so when can I come back again today, because tomorrow is the last day it will end and I don’t want to come tomorrow???

Man:– Hehmmmn….. you can come back around two O’Clock in the afternoon, it should be ready by then..

I looked at my wristwatch it was 10:37am.

To Be Continued…


This is a short story written by me just today…Some part of the story are Real while some are just Fictions…..

The story is written this evening 6th July 2015, to answer a question to @Pizzaro

Note:– It’s a short story.

Sit and enjoy

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